The Biden Economy:

“Our Government is bankrupt, it’s time to fix the problem at the source”

Ronald Reagan famously asked “are you better off now than you were four years ago?” in his race against Jimmy Carter. President Biden has dragged us into the same malaise of inflation, a broken job market, and a wide open border in just 12 months. I’ve built two successful businesses from scratch, without abusing debt, and always paying my bills. I want to take my approach to Congress where we will cut and reform our broken tax code, put Americans back to work, and put America first by securing our border.

Securing the Border:

“Border security is national security.”

For decades, Washington has paid lip service to securing our border. The American people have had enough. Each and every day thousands of people are illegally pouring across our Southern border. If we don’t close our border off to illegal immigration and build a wall, our national security is at risk. If we don’t put in place policies that send illegal crossers home, Americans will continue to suffer. My family came to this country the right way, we must stop punishing hard working Americans, and instead punish law-breakers.

Law Enforcement and Funding the Police:

“Our men and women in blue are under siege, we must support them.”

Left wing radicals in big cities across America have advanced efforts to defund the police and roll back laws that protect businesses large and small. Law abiding citizens have suffered the consequences. Texans must never submit to the chaos and violence plaguing coastal cities where crime is rampant, and going unpunished. Violent criminals belong in jail, citizens deserve protection, and the police deserve the funding and respect they’ve earned.

The Second Amendment:

“The Second Amendment protects all the others.”

I’m a gun owner. My family takes self defense seriously. Gun ownership is a fundamental right for all Americans, and something that Texas gets right. In Congress, I will always vote to defend our Second Amendment. At a time where Democrat politicians are making our streets less safe, it’s more important than ever to stand tall for gun owners.

Putting American Energy First:

“America is the world’s energy superpower. We should act like it”

There is no reason Americans should be paying higher prices at the gas pump. Democrats in Washington have crushed the energy industry, cancelling key pipelines, demonizing Texas oil and gas reserves, and subsidizing expensive and unreliable sources of energy. The answer to America’s energy crisis is to utilize our massive advantage in natural resources to not only keep the lights on, but to sell it to our friends and allies. With our energy future secure, we can further develop the key nuclear, solar, and other natural energy sources to push us into a new century.

Spending and Debt:

“Government spending is out of control, it’s time to reign them in.”

I’ve built two successful Dallas based businesses in Wing Stop and Pizza Patron. I did it without taking on massive debt, and always paying my bills on time. The Federal Government, in contrast, is spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave. The bill is coming due for the trillions we’ve printed in the last few decades. To fight back against the coming hyper-inflation and economic collapse, Congress must end its debt addiction, get back to writing an actual budget, and balance the books by cutting wasteful spending and bloated bureaucracy.

American Foreign Policy:

“America should by example, and from a position of strength.”

Our leadership under President Biden is weak and predictable. Our nation is about to be tested by Russia and China. Meanwhile our military and our government are obsessed with lowering standards in the name of being inclusive, and driving seasoned warriors out of the military with a vaccine mandate. I supported President Trump’s robust, strength based foreign policy. When we operate from a position of strength, there is peace. When we operate from a position of weakness, there is chaos.

Education and Critical Race Theory:

“Education is about preparing kids for the future, with parents playing a key role.”

Education needs to focus on preparing our children for higher education or the workforce. It’s not about pushing an agenda or social experimentation. Bureaucrats in Washington have tried to keep our kids at home rather than in school, and have tried to push parents out of the decision making process. Our tax dollars should never be spent on left wing propaganda like Critical Race Theory, which perpetuates the very notions it claims to oppose. American kids should learn to read and write, as well as balance a checkbook.

Critical Race Theory in our schools perpetuates the evil that this country isn’t the land of opportunity, where anyone can succeed. I’m proof that anyone can, just as so many here in this room are. CRT has no place in our schools, and it’s the latest evidence that those on the left have tried to shut parents out of their children’s schools. We should have the power, not unaccountable bureaucrats.